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भारत सरकार
Government of India

रक्षा मंत्रालय
Ministry of Defence

रक्षा लेखा नियंत्रक (सेना), मेरठ
Controller of Defence Accounts (Army), Meerut.

Welcome to CDA (Army) Meerut


Office of the CDA (Army) Meerut is housed in the historical building of Belvedere Complex at Ayudh Path Meerut Cantt. Belvedere Complex building was built in the year 1802, however this building was activated sometimes in 1897. This building was occupied by this Military Accounts Department (now Defence Accounts Department) in 1922. Since then it housed various DAD offices and presently it is the HQrs of CDA (Army) Meerut. It is said that earlier it was used as a Ball Room Dance Hall. Belvedere in General parlance denotes " a summer house on a height or an open roofed gallery in an upper story built for giving a view of the scenery." Encyclopedia Britannica mentions Belvedere " An architectural Structure built in the upper part of a building or in an elevated position to commend a fine view". The Belvedere assumes various forms such as angle targets, a cupola, a loggia or open gallery.