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भारत सरकार
Government of India

रक्षा मंत्रालय
Ministry of Defence

रक्षा लेखा नियंत्रक (सेना), मेरठ
Controller of Defence Accounts (Army), Meerut.

Welcome to CDA (Army) Meerut

Bill Processing Procedure

Bills are sent by Units and Formations only.

These Bills/claims are received centrally in Record Section of this Office

After Preliminary verification they are sorted section wise and task wise and are sent to the concerned Sections.

These Bills/claims are audited with reference to relevant documents held in this office/enclosed with the Bills.

If Bills/Claims are found to be in order, the same are passed for payment in concerned sections through issues of cheques or through ECS, normally, within a period of three weeks.

If the Bills are not found to be in order, the same are returned to the Units/Formations for necessary clarification.

Bills received in Office are processed for payment generally on first-in-first-out basis , to the extent practicable in a multi-task environment.

All passed bills/claims are then transmitted to Disbursement Section for issue of Cheques direct to the Vendors or to the Sponsor bank for payment though ECS.

Cheques are dispatched either directly to the Bank, if requested by the supplier or otherwise dispatched to the supplier by Speed Post or Registered letter, at the cost of the supplier, in his interest to avoid loss/delay in transit.

If the bill, though complete in all respects so far as supplier is concerned, can not be paid for reasons not attributable to the supplier (such as any terms and conditions being vague, supply order or amendment letter duly ink-signed not received in this office, funds not allotted under the relevant budget head etc.), it is returned to the Units to furnish the necessary clarification, information or document, or allotment of funds, as may be, required for clearing the bill. Such bills, which are received back from the Units/Formations, are processed from the date of receipt of the bill in this office.

If any of the requirements mentioned above are not met or if funds are not available, the bills will be returned to the Units for resubmission after complying with the full requirements.