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भारत सरकार
Government of India

रक्षा मंत्रालय
Ministry of Defence

रक्षा लेखा नियंत्रक (सेना), मेरठ
Controller of Defence Accounts (Army), Meerut.

Welcome to CDA (Army) Meerut

Engineering Section

1To advise administrative/executive authorities on the financial/management aspects of work and contracts.
2To advise on revenue aspects relating to licence fee and allied charges.
3To pay promptly and correctly for works executed by the contractors.
Scrutiny of administrative approval and technical sanctions
Scrutiny of contracts concluded by AGE(I), GE, CWE & CE
Scrutiny of deviation orders and amendments issued by engineering authority
Audit and authorisation of claims arising out of MES contracts etc. (final bills)
Check of appropriations and re-appropriations.
Scrutiny of re-appropriation statements of buildings.
Scrutiny of demolition statements.
Submission of prescribed reports and returns in connection with the accounting and audit of MES expenditure
Scrutiny of sale accounts.
Preparation of annual review of MES expenditure and financial stock taking in MES.
Provision of cash assignments to MES officers/DEOs
Receipt of punching medium from various AOs GE, printed compilation from Edp centre and their verification
Receipt of monthly expenditure returns from the GEs and their acknowledgement
Scrutiny of monthly SIO's other than revenue received from the AOs GE and their future pursuit
Preparation and submission of half yearly S.I.O.
Cases of higher audit objections
Audit reports to higher authorities
Questions relating to recovery of licence fee and allied charges
Cases involving criticism of administrative authorities on the acceptance of tenders or the working of contracts.
Post audit of RAR's paid by AO's GE on works contract and suppliers bills, tarrif bills etc.

List of CWEs under the audit jurisdiction of CDA(Army)

  1. CWE Meerut
  2. CWE Dehradun
  3. CWE (Hills) Dehradun
  4. CWE Bareilly
  5. CWE Agra
  6. CWE Maharajpur
  7. CWE Pithoragarh

Work dealt with E Section:

  1. Scrutiny of technical sanction.
  2. Scrutiny of contract agreements

List of CEs under the audit jurisdiction of CDA(Army)

  1. CE Bareilly Zone Bareilly
  2. CE (R&D) Delhi
  3. CE (AF) Allahabad
  4. CE Lucknow Zone Lucknow

Work dealt with E Section:

  1. Scrutiny of technical sanction.
  2. Scrutiny of contract agreements.

List of MES Formations

GE Offices

  1. GE (N) Meerut
  2. GE (S) Meerut
  3. GE (MES) D.Dun
  4. GE (PN) D.Dun
  5. GE (C/T) D.Dun
  6. GE R&D D.Dun
  7. GE (I) Raiwala
  8. GE Pithoragarh
  9. GE (MES) Ranikhet
  10. GE 871EWS Joshimath
  11. GE (I) Lansdowne
  12. GE (MES) Roorkee
  13. GE (East) Mathura
  14. GE (W) Agra
  15. GE (E) Agra
  16. GE (AF) Kheria Agra
  17. GE R&D Agra
  18. GE (I) AF IzzatNagar Bareilly
  19. GE (E) Bareilly
  20. GE (W) Bareilly
  21. BSO Meerut
  22. GE(U) Meerut
  23. GE(E/M) Meerut
  24. GE(P) Dehradun
  25. AGE(I) Lansdowne
  26. AGE(I) R&D Pithoragarh
  27. GE(West) Mathura
  28. GE(P) Izatnagar Bareilly
  29. GE(P) Bareilly

Work dealt with E Section:

  1. Scrutiny of Technical Sanction.
  2. Scrutiny of CA.
  3. Pre-audit of final bills.
  4. Placement of cash assignment.
  5. Audit of expenditure incurred.
  6. Post Audit of Paid Vrs.
       List of DEOs under the audit jurisdiction of CDA(Army)

  • DEO Meerut
  • DEO Bareilly
  • DEO Agra

       Work dealt with E Section:

  1. Placement of Cash assignment.
  2. Audit of Cash Book.
  3. Post audit of Vrs.

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