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भारत सरकार
Government of India

रक्षा मंत्रालय
Ministry of Defence

रक्षा लेखा नियंत्रक (सेना), मेरठ
Controller of Defence Accounts (Army), Meerut.

Welcome to CDA (Army) Meerut


  1. Single Window Clearance System
  2. FAQ on Internal Audit
  3. FAQ on IFA
  4. FAQ on Accounts Section
  5. FAQ on "E" Section
  6. FAQ On Electronic Payment System

Single Window Clearance System

   Q1. What is Single Window System ?
   Q2. What is the necessity of Single Window clearance system ?
   Q3. What types of Bills are passed by Single Window Clearance System ?

FAQ on Internal Audit

   Q1. What is the audit of sanctions to expenditure?
   Q2. What is the audit against propriety?
   Q3. What are provisional payments?
   Q4. What are the stages in conducting Appropriation Audit?
   Q5. What is I.R.L.A?
   Q6. What is the Scale Audit?
   Q7. What is a MFAI?
   Q8. What is A.R.M.E.S.?
   Q9. What is the Internal Audit Report?
   Q10. What are the categories of losses of cash, overpayment etc?

FAQ on Internal Audit

   Q1. What is a Competent Financial Authority?
   Q2. What is a Rate Contract?
   Q3. What is AHSP?
   Q4. What is PAC Tendering?
   Q5. What is an Option Clause?
   Q6. What is the Risk & Expense Purchase?
   Q7. What is a Letter of Credit?
   Q8. What is Repeat Order Clause?
   Q9. What is Fall Clause?
   Q10. What is RFP?
   Q11. What is two bid system?
   Q12. What is CST?
   Q13. What is Liquidated Damage (LD)?
   Q14. What is Single Tender?
   Q15. What is Committee CFA?
   Q16. What is meant by Product Reservation?
   Q17. What is meant by Price Preference?
   Q18. What is meant by Purchase Preference?

FAQ on Accounts Section

   Q1. What is an Accounts Area?
   Q2. What is Debt Head?
   Q3. What is Remittance Head?
   Q4. What is Revenue Head?
   Q5. What is Consolidated Fund of India?
   Q6. What is Public Account of India?
   Q7. What is Contingency Fund of India?
   Q8. What are the main divisions of accounts?
   Q9. What is the classification structure of Govt Accounts?
   Q10. What are transfer entries?
   Q11. What are different classes of vouchers?
   Q12. What is a Cash Assignment?
   Q13. What is Suspense Account?

FAQ on "E" Section

   Q1. What are Original Works?
   Q2. What is Major Works Programme?
   Q3. What are Minor Works?
   Q4. What are Ordinary Repairs?
   Q5. What are Special Repairs?
   Q6. What are Authorized Works?
   Q7. What are Special Items of Works?
   Q8. What is Acceptance of Necessity?
   Q9. What is Administrative Approval?
   Q10. What are Barrack Damages?
   Q11. What are Transfer entries?
   Q12. What are Construction Accounts?
   Q13. What is a Measurement Book?
   Q14. What are Revenue Works?
   Q15. What are Low Budgeted Works?
   Q16. What is an Approx Estimate?
   Q17. What is an Agency Work?
   Q18. What is a Deposit Work?
   Q19. What does Financial Concurrence imply in Works Cases?
   Q20. What is a Key Location Plan (KLP)?
   Q21. What does Para 11 of DWP cater for?
   Q22. What does Para 11 of DWP cater for?
   Q23. What is Tolerance Limit in Works Cases?
   Q24 .What is Revised Adm Approval (RAA)?
   Q25. What is a Zonal Plan?

FAQ On Electronic Payment System

   Q1. What is Electronic Clearing Service (ECS)?
   Q2. What are the types of ECS? In what way they are different from each other?
   Q3. Who can initiate an ECS (Credit) transaction?
   Q4. How does the ECS Credit system work?
   Q5. How does a beneficiary participate in ECS (Credit ) scheme?
   Q6. What are the advantages to the ultimate beneficiary?
   Q7. What is RBI-EFT System?
   Q8. What is NEFT System?
   Q9. . What is the funds availability schedule for the beneficiary?
   Q10. How does the RBI EFT system operate?
   Q11. What is IFS Code (IFSC)? How it is different from MICR code??
   Q3. What types of Bills are passed by Single Window Clearance System ?
   Q12. How I will know, what is the IFS Code of my bank-branch?
   Q13. What is RTGS System?
   Q14. How RTGS is different from Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFT) or National Electronics Funds Transfer System (NEFT)?
   Q15. What is the time taken for effecting funds transfer from one account to another under RTGS?
   Q16. Would the remitting customer receive an acknowledgement of money credited to the beneficiary's account?
   Q17. What is the essential information that the remitting customer would have to furnish to a bank for the remittance to be effected?