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भारत सरकार
Government of India

रक्षा मंत्रालय
Ministry of Defence

रक्षा लेखा नियंत्रक (सेना), मेरठ
Controller of Defence Accounts (Army), Meerut.

Welcome to CDA (Army) Meerut

Submission of Bills : Procedure - Check List

1. Bills will be received by this office through Units/Formations only.

2. Units/Formations may ensure that the bills are submitted to this office along with all the required documents / enclosures.

3. The following are the MANDATORY enclosures:

· Contingent Bill/Contractor Bill countersigned by the Unit Authorities.

· Sanction of the Competent Financial Authority (CFA).

· Original Copy of the Supply Order (S.O).

· Pre-receipted Bill/ Stamped Receipt by the Vendor.

· Original Quotations and Call for Quotations.

· Comparative Statement of Tenders (CST).

· Certified Receipt Voucher (CRV) / Inspection Note.

· Sales Tax/VAT Certificate.

4. The following enclosures are to be enclosed wherever applicable:

· Amendments to S.Os.

· Extension period for delivery of stores.

· Warranty / Guarantee Certificate.

· Copy of Bank Guarantee.

· Bulk production clearance Certificate.

· Railway Receipts / Proof of despatch.

· Provisional Receipt from the Consignee Unit.

· Non-availability Certificate from the Concerned Depots.

· Urgency Certificate.